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About Courtney

I am a Christ follower, wife to Robert, and mama to 3. I am a lover of nature and hiking, books, coffee, food, games, candles, blogging, journaling, and being with my family! We live on site at a Christian camp where my husband works. I am a mental health and addiction advocate. I homeschool my two boys and my daughter goes to school. I'm just living my best life!

Picking This Back Up

Obviously I haven’t been around lately.  I took a break because I decided to start homeschooling my boys (long story).  I have been focusing on creating routine here while keeping it pretty simple.  I’m a huge fan of Charlotte Mason method, minimalist philosophy, and the Wild + Free community.  Basically I’m learning to let the kids be kids, be outside a lot, having nature walks, and then bringing it in with art appreciation, copywork, dictation, reading, reading aloud, hands-on math, and so much more.  It’s a joy to do school with my kids each day.

Because of this, I had to take a step back. In fact, at first I thought that I wouldn’t want to do this course anymore.  Fortunately, through being part of the natural living community more (because of the way I homeschool) and just being around lots of babies, I have decided that I want to be part of the process of bringing a baby into the world again.  I have more of a desire now, so that will definitely help as I am focusing on my course in addition to homeschooling.  I feel that they all work together in fact!

I decided that since I have been stuck in the physiology portion of the course (that I have already completed once in the past and was just re-doing), that I am going to just move on to the next section.  I will re-study things as I make that portion of my scope and sequence.  That way I am killing two birds with one stone, and I feel like I’m making progress.  I will also be reading books to review for my course as well and know that I will learn so much through them!

My amazing trainer reminded me that we work on it a lot when we are feeling it and put it away sometimes.  And that’s perfectly normal.  She also reminded me that we aren’t going to feel passion 100% of the time.  Life has ebbs and flows and passion comes and goes with that.

Over the next week or so I’m going to create a schedule for myself and send it to my trainer so that I have some accountability.  I am 2/3 way through my course!  This is exciting.  I know this last module will probably take the longest, but that’s okay.  I want to do a good job!

Printed Materials and Books

I’m super excited.  Today I received the printed materials for my course (through Childbirth International).  I didn’t buy one for the first module or last module because the first one I have already completed and feel good about just skimming online.  The last module is pretty short and is mostly self-reflective activities.  The two books that I bought were the ones I knew I’d do lots of writing and highlighting in.  I have completed the physiology module as well, but I feel it is important to re-study that since it has been a while.

Also, I only had to buy them because I threw away the old ones a long time ago when we moved (I thought I wouldn’t ever have the opportunity to be a childbirth educator where we live).  I hate that I did that AND I got rid of a ton of brand new books.  But I guess it is what it is.

I also ordered many books from Thriftbooks that I will be getting in next week.

These are either books that I will use for reference, will read through, or have read before and feel they are worth having again.


I can’t wait to receive these so I can get started!  I have so many books that I want to read, now, that I don’t even know where to start!  I will say that most of these books aren’t on the required reading list so they will have to wait.  But I am excited to have them.

I got all of these for about $4 each on average.  I love Thriftbooks!  They are usually pretty used but it’s worth it for the reduced cost.

New Year, New Website, New Business

Until today, I had been just using an old website in my name as my business website.  Today I decided that it was time to invest in myself and my future business, so that’s what I did.  What you see here is my current website that will continue to receive facelifts over time.  For now, it’s pretty simple.  But you will not see ads (ugh they annoy me so much!), and it should be easy to find my website.

I also decided to purchase printed materials through Childbirth International instead of just doing it all online, and I purchased 4 new books about pregnancy and childbirth through Thriftbooks (the books are always like $4 each!).

Over time I will be purchasing more and more books and I will also eventually be buying materials to teach the class.  I’m hoping to start my business by the fall, but we will see!  I have decided to go backwards on my class a bit to re-study and refresh because I feel it is important to make sure I have all of the best information to share with my clients.

I have created a schedule so that I hope to finish re-reading the communication module by the end of January, physiology in February, and begin the teaching module in March.  We will see what happens!  I do need to observe a class which might be difficult to do living way out here!  I will make it work however I can!

Stay tuned for much more in the days to come!

Bodily Autonomy: Making Decisions that are Best for You

One of the things that’s super important to me as a childbirth educator is the understanding that everyone has their own choices to make for their pregnancy and birth.  Bodily autonomy is something that I’ve learned over the years.

I had two homebirths and I used to think everyone else should also.  If someone planned to have a c-section for whatever reason, I tried to talk them into a vaginal birth.  I thought I knew better and the only “normal” birth was an unmedicated vaginal birth.

It wasn’t until my good friend (who was my midwife) had to have three c-sections that I realized not everyone can have an unmedicated vaginal birth.  I mean, if anyone wanted that, it’s a midwife, right?  She ended up having to make decisions that were different than her initial plan, but that happens a lot!  Things aren’t black and white.

Over time, also, I realized that it’s not my place to control anyone else or to force anyone else to make a decision that I believe to be best.  What’s best anyway?  There’s no best.  There’s just what works for each of us.

In fact, I take my own experience with breastfeeding into account here.  No matter what I did (and I tried everything), I could never produce enough milk because of insufficient glandular tissue.  At some point, with each baby, I made the decision to stop breastfeeding.  That was my decision to make, and it was because I couldn’t produce enough and it was super complicated to do both.  Some would have continued to do both, and that’s fine!  It just wasn’t the best decision for me or for my family.  We all do the best we can!

I had to choose 3 books from several sections to read and review for my training.  I ended up choosing 4 that I believe will really help me to see lots of perspectives on pregnancy and childbirth along with postpartum complications and teaching women to make decisions for themselves.

That’s my goal as a childbirth educator: Present information on all sides, present the pros and cons of everything, and teach women and couples how to make their own decisions.  Bodily Autonomy.  They get to decide what their birth plan will look like.  They get to decide what happens to their body.  They get to decide if they want interventions or not.

And at the end of the day, if things don’t go as planned, I want them to feel okay with whatever decisions they have to make to overcome.

There is too much guilt in the mommy world and birth and feeding choices shouldn’t cause it.

I have so much compassion for mommies after being a mommy for almost 13 years now (of 3 kids).  It’s the hardest job in the world.