Childbirth International CBE Training Deadlines

CBE Deadlines

I shared in my CBI group that I have been struggling with consistency in my CBE training because of the lack of deadlines.  I need those, otherwise I tend to make other things a priority.  But I really want to do this!

I decided to create a messenger group as a sort of accountability, and someone suggested coming up with our own deadlines and sharing those with the group!  So that’s what this is.  It’s a way to help me move forward in my training.

Here it is!


I will complete ALL readings… including in the printed course book and online.  The online readings are updated since the course book was written so I’m having to navigate that.  The titles listed below are a combo of those readings.  Some of the readings I have already completed, so I won’t include those here.

  • 6th through 12th
    • Planning and Structuring a Course
    • Sample Teaching Plan
    • Active Teaching Skills
  • 13th through 19th
    • Teaching Adults
    • Using Visual Aids
    • Stages of Pregnancy and Positions for Labor Charts
  • 20th through 26th
    • Evaluating Your Teaching
    • Teaching Knowledge Based Topics
    • Teaching Communication
  • 27th through February 2nd
    • Teaching About Parenting
    • Rotational Positioning


  • Carry out a survey of childbirth class options
  • Observe another CBE


  • Read three books and reflect on them


  • Complete first 5 parts of my class
  • Teach my class


  • Complete final 3 parts of my teaching plan, 4th-10th
  • Complete the Business of Birth
    • 11th through 17th- Steps 1-3
    • 18th through 24th- Steps 4-7
  • Request certification


In the midst of this, I will also be researching ways to teach a CBE course online because that will be my main way of doing this since we live so far from town.  I hope to also maybe find some private clients in town if possible.  We’ll see what happens!  I’m excited to truly make this happen, finally!

I will share about all of the books that I have as resources in my next post!  I got like 8 books at a thrift store for $4.  They aren’t all pregnancy/childbirth.  Can’t wait to share!

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