Picking This Back Up

Obviously I haven’t been around lately.  I took a break because I decided to start homeschooling my boys (long story).  I have been focusing on creating routine here while keeping it pretty simple.  I’m a huge fan of Charlotte Mason method, minimalist philosophy, and the Wild + Free community.  Basically I’m learning to let the kids be kids, be outside a lot, having nature walks, and then bringing it in with art appreciation, copywork, dictation, reading, reading aloud, hands-on math, and so much more.  It’s a joy to do school with my kids each day.

Because of this, I had to take a step back. In fact, at first I thought that I wouldn’t want to do this course anymore.  Fortunately, through being part of the natural living community more (because of the way I homeschool) and just being around lots of babies, I have decided that I want to be part of the process of bringing a baby into the world again.  I have more of a desire now, so that will definitely help as I am focusing on my course in addition to homeschooling.  I feel that they all work together in fact!

I decided that since I have been stuck in the physiology portion of the course (that I have already completed once in the past and was just re-doing), that I am going to just move on to the next section.  I will re-study things as I make that portion of my scope and sequence.  That way I am killing two birds with one stone, and I feel like I’m making progress.  I will also be reading books to review for my course as well and know that I will learn so much through them!

My amazing trainer reminded me that we work on it a lot when we are feeling it and put it away sometimes.  And that’s perfectly normal.  She also reminded me that we aren’t going to feel passion 100% of the time.  Life has ebbs and flows and passion comes and goes with that.

Over the next week or so I’m going to create a schedule for myself and send it to my trainer so that I have some accountability.  I am 2/3 way through my course!  This is exciting.  I know this last module will probably take the longest, but that’s okay.  I want to do a good job!

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